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December. What a wonderful, yet busy time of year for many. Restrictions have eased (HALLELUJAH), summer has begun and wait, what's that, Christmas is only three weeks away.

Discover a new way to experience Frankston City's Street Art

Are you ready for Frankston's digital art future? 

ENCOUNTER Frankston - Beyond the Wall

You may think you know all of the artwork in Frankston's street and laneways.... but you haven't seen them like this before!

New ways to discover Frankston's street art

Are you ready for Frankston's digital art future? Since 2018, Frankston has played host to the annual Big Picture Fest, which has well and truly put the City on Victoria's street art map!  The Festival has transformed the city's skyline with large scale masterpieces from world renowned artists, adding to the local mural works and graffiti...

10 ways to ignite your curiosity in Frankston

After months of lockdown and social hibernation, it’s time to reignite your curiosity, awaken your senses and spark your sense of discovery. Frankston is brimming with a new energy.

8 Places To Have a Picnic in Frankston City

Make the most of this beautiful weather and take the family or that special someone for a picnic to reconnect and relax while taking in beautiful scenery and spectacular gardens. Picnic Etiquette As we transition into this new era, each of us need to play our part to keep one another safe, there are a few changes ...

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