Ways to warm your heart this winter

Some say winter is a season of cold and chilly days, while others say it’s a season of beauty, peacefulness and cosy moments by the fire. Whether you’re seeking the calmness of nature, the warmer spaces or the thrill of adventure, we’ve got all the inspiration to help you plan a winter experience in Frankston like no other!

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New ways to discover Frankston's street art

Are you ready for Frankston's digital art future? Since 2018, Frankston has played host to the annual Big Picture Fest, which has well and truly put the City on Victoria's street art map!  The Festival has transformed the city's skyline with large scale masterpieces from world renowned artists, adding to the local mural works and graffiti...

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Your fun filled holiday guide

There isn't 'nothing' to do these school holidays. Use your imagination and fill your kids days with this extensive list. Seaside Explorers  Get some fresh air and explore the Frankston Waterfront with our Seaside Explorers activity pack! Once you have completed all 6 activities in your booklet send us a photo of your completed booklet to tour...

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