Frankston Brewhouse, by The Brewski Bloke

Recently one of Frankston local brewers on the city's Beer and Spirits Trail, Frankston Brewhouse was paid a visit from ‘The Brewski Bloke’. 

Meet the Photographers of Frankston

Frankston City is home to some amazing local professional and hobbyist photographers and videographers, who fill our social feeds will beautifully captured moments at any time of year. 

10 ways to win at winter

They say the winter weather is ‘character building’…

South Side Festival is going to shake things up

It is rare that a festival brings such a diverse, eclectic blend of events that can be described as racy, hilarious, moving, cheeky, fun, brazen and bold. 

Frankston get ready for an avalanche of colour - Big Picture Fest is back

The Big Picture Fest (BPF) is returning to Frankston for its 5th year, and is set to light up Frankston again with colourful new murals and masterpieces.

Meet the curator of the Big Picture Fest

Joel Van Moore, aka Vans the Omega, is the curator of the Big Picture Fest. Now in it's 5th year, the festival leaves an incredible creative footprint on the city of Frankston. Celebrating this special milestone, we asked Joel some questions in the lead up to this year's event.

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