Your summer line up of festivals, events and live music has just landed

An epic 9 month line up of festivals and events has just been announced with celebrations of summer, live music, festivals, immersive art installations, sporting events and so much more.

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Celebrating fabulous women of Frankston

Frankston has a pretty amazing community that inject energy, passion, creativity and pride into our city. So this International Women’s Day, we thought we’d celebrate  amazing women who help make Frankston the incredible city that it is.

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The Waterfront Festival Fireworks - The best places to see them both near and far!

After a long hiatus, Fireworks are back with a bang for this year’s Waterfront Festival!  While a spot in the sand, not far from the pier, and landmark bridge are always popular vantage points, we know there’ll be some who are keen to enjoy the fireworks from more of a distance. Here are the best spots to view them, plus a few fun fireworks facts you can impress your mates with!

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ENCOUNTER Frankston - Beyond the Wall

You may think you know all of the artwork in Frankston's street and laneways.... but you haven't seen them like this before!

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