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Frankston awarded a Top Tourism Town!

To our wonderful locals and visitors – it is time to celebrate!

Frankston City has been awarded BRONZE at the 2023 Victorian Top Tourism Town Awards for the second year running.

While being named a finalist in these awards is determined by the judges, a public vote helps determine the top three. Council is so grateful to our locals, businesses and visitors who got behind the city and voted for this wonderful destination. 

Up against 7 other high profile towns, (Ballarat won GOLD and Bendigo won SILVER) getting podium position is an incredible achievement for our city. 

Mayor Nathan Conroy expressed his delight, stating, “Winning Bronze is a fantastic achievement and speaks volumes about our wonderful City. It demonstrates the direction we’re heading with our impressive street art, stunning attractions and our progressive approach to revitalising Frankston as a major destination.”

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Take a look at our Blooming City

Frankston is more than a place to visit – it’s the place to be.

It’s a place where you can find yourself exploring colourful laneways, yet brushing sand from your toes.  A place to connect with nature, whilst having fun along the way.

The city’s striking new-look laneways are fearless, original, and ever-evolving, earning the title of Australia’s best street art tour experience. Home to live music, rooftop and beach bars, fresh beer, and cutting-edge arts, Frankston is blossoming right now.

Let the new wave of creativity colour your world, Frankston welcomes you.

If you're thinking about visiting and up for a FOUR DAY getaway, download the Blooming City Itineraryas your go-to guide to all the fun!


Discover what makes this seaside city so bright.

It’s Friday. A much-needed girl’s weekend has arrived. It was a coin toss between a city escape or a moment the coast? No need, Frankston gives us both. A little over 45 minutes (or a decent playlist) southeast of Melbourne's CBD and we’re in Frankston’s city centre.


We check into our apartment at Quest Frankton by the Bay and are immediately drawn to their balcony for a cheeky bubbles. Ready to explore, the view inspires us to gravitate towards the water. 

A short walk and we find ourselves at Frankston’s picturesque waterfront. An enviable coastline for somewhere so close to Melbourne. We set our sights on new kid on the block, Oliver's Corner. This place is designed for sunset cocktails and people watching. Grabbing a table overlooking the water, it seems diners, walkers, swimmers and kite surfers all feel at home here.

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Just a stones throw away, you’ll find two of Frankston’s best photo opportunities, especially at sunset. 

Mirage is a stunning 3D creative and playful sculpture located on the sands of Frankston beach.

Landmark Bridge locals tell us is a favourite for many photographers. We missed the sunset snap this time, but are equally impressed by the fairytale lights that give it a dreamy glow. 

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One thing you notice about this city? Colour. Big and bright splashes of it on the buildings and laneways that make up Frankston’s city centre. Last year they won the Best Street Art Tour in Australia. This year they won it again. Clearly they’re doing something right. Was it the art, the guide, the city itself? We book a spot online to find out. 

When we meet our tour guide Sue, she is warm and welcoming. A wealth of knowledge, she guides us through the city as we learn about each artists and their stories. We see murals come to life through AR on the app– very impressive. 

Frankston’s outdoor street art gallery now features over 70 pieces and the tour reveals the best-kept secrets of Frankston’s signature art.

Once the 90 minute tour finishes, I feel like my world is a little brighter. My photo reel certainly is!



Pohss Studio are another colourful new business. Regular waterfront walkers will see their Disco Walks moving along the Frankston foreshore. For us? We’re here for their Unleashed Full Moon Silent Discos, held at the Seaford Pier every month. 

Owner Sophie is very good at encouraging us to join in her practice, 'Pohssing'., dancing how you feel, feeling how you dance.

She’s obviously doing something right. We’re joined by about 20 women, some men too, in fabulous bright outfits, all here for a good time and a chance to connect. Connect to what? That answer seems different to everyone. Their friends, themselves, nature. 

With our disco headphones on, we’re linked by the music in our ears. It takes a little while to adjust, but dancing over the water, at sunset, with this incredible group of people is unlike anything I’ve done before. We are officially unleashed. 

 thumbnail 7

It wouldn’t be a girl’s weekend without cocktails and after all that dancing, you can’t blame a girl for being a little thirsty.

Hotel Lona, is the chic rooftop garden the city centre needed. As you climb the stairs to the roof top bar, the exposed brick, and commissioned wall art give this place a contemporary vibe blended with a touch of sass. 

Their rooftop is designed around dining, drinks and everything in between. We’re here for it. Dancing hearts and bellies full. 


Keen to kick off the morning with an energised feeling, we head to the Frankston waterfront and try our luck on a tour with Waterbikes Australia.

The bikes are surprisingly easy to ride, but most of all they’re fun. The only time my toes got wet was taking it into the water. As we peddle towards the pier we see snorkelers who tell us of an artificial reef nearby where fish, coral and pot belly seahorses all call home. We add it to our ‘next time‘ list. 

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If staying on land is more your thing, look out for the boutique yoga studio, The Art of Balance that overlooks Sweetwater Creek. The beautiful blend of the lush reserve and running creek will completely ‘calm your zen’. If you’re still feeling energetic, the walks around the reserve are worth the time too.

Ever evolving and always energising, Frankston is blossoming right now. It’s a place where you can find yourself exploring a laneway, yet still brushing sand off your toes. A place to connect with nature, yet have some fun along the way. 

No matter the season, Frankston we’ll be back, we love to watch you bloom.


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