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A Place to Thrive

Imagine Frankston City; not just a place of beauty, a thriving business hub on the rise. 

With an impressive $16.62 billion annual economic output and employment for over 67,500 individuals, the city is a magnet for big brands and fresh startups. 

Recent years have seen a surge in new ventures, from global giants like UNIQLO to local favs like Betty's Burgers and YOMG. The economic growth, seen in a $1.33 billion jump since December 2022, a drop in unemployment to 3.8% in March 2023, shows the city is on the brink of big change.

Supported by strong government backing and purpose-designed initiatives, Frankston City is the place to be for businesses looking for unique growth opportunities. Exciting developments like the Bayside Centre expansion and the $116 million Balmoral Walk project are bringing even more opportunities, boosting the economy and and creating over 1700 new jobs.

With a thriving culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, Frankston City is poised to lead the way in economic growth, development, and prosperity for years to come as the capital of the South East's corporate corridor.