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With a vision set firmly on economic growth and transformative development, Frankston City has a clear view of the future. 

With a flourishing economy, agile business community, booming industrial sector and unprecedented consumer demand, Frankston City is rife with opportunity. More and more big-name brands, dynamic mid-sized ventures and bold, agile start-ups are jumping on board to capitalise on our City’s growth, profitability and commercial success. ​

Frankston City is also one of the highest performing industrial areas in Australia. ​Our ideal location perfectly situates us between principal freight networks including Eastlink, the Mornington Peninsula Freeway and Frankston-Dandenong Road, providing excellent accessibility and connectivity for a seamless supply chain throughout Victoria.

  • 44k+ businesses

  • 54,633 jobs

  • 18.4b dollar economic output per annum

  • 160+ businesses with greater than $10 million annual turnover

  • 95.4 per cent local labour force in part, full time or casual employment, which exceeds the Greater Melbourne average

  • $500 million private development approved in 2023

  • $1 billion State and Federal governments investment since 2019

  • $8 billion Gross Regional ProductActivityCentreMap

With the State Government designating Frankston City a vital Metropolitan Activity Centre — the highest order, signifying an area slated for growth — we can confidently expect to see further record-level investment in transformative works from the Federal, State and local governments.

Frankston City Council's January - March 2024 Economic Scorecard is now available. The scorecard gives an overview of the current structure and recent performance of Frankston City's economy, looking at workforce, skills and resilience, investment and spending as well as significant business highlights. 

Frankston City has 1 Metropolitan activity centre, 1 Major activity centre, 21 Neighbourhood activity centres and 6 Industrial Areas. The city's industrial precincts are a leading source of regional employment growth, economic activity and investment attraction (refer Activity Centres map). 

The City's economy has been steadily growing since 2020, with four (4) key industries supporting the city's Gross Regional Product (GRP).  With a population of just over 141,000, there are 54,633 jobs in Frankston City (34 jobs per 100 residents) and this stock of knowledge, experience and skills is critical to future economic performance and growth. 

2021 22 FrankstonGRPFrankston Qualifications

 While there was over $3 billion spent locally in Frankston City, over $1.7 billion was spent by residents in other municipalities between October 2022 - September 2023. Escape spending reduces the circulation of money within the local economy, resulting in a weakened
multiplier effect. On the other hand, escape spending highlights an opportunity to redirect and capture a portion of that spending back into the local economy.

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Download a copy of the full scorecard to take a deep dive into the city's workforce, regional export analysis, investment and spending portfolio and Council's commitment to supporting local businesses. 

There has never been a stronger and more supported culture of creative industry disruption, collaboration and entrepreneurship alive and thriving in Frankston City.​

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