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City Development

Join the growing group of developers who are reshaping Frankston City's landscape, breathing new life into its urban fabric, and revitalising the city’s essence.

With a surge in demand for development opportunities, Frankston beckons with boundless potential. Supported by a proactive council committed to facilitating progress, Frankston City is a growth corridor specialising in innovative and creative future projects that will support the ongoing and sustainable advancement of the city for its people, businesses and visitors.

As one of very few genuine blended Bush-Bay-Cities, our unique landscapes, vibrant activity centres and distinctive neighbourhoods make Frankston City a great place to live, build and invest. Our housing is beautifully diverse with luxurious beach-side homes, modern city centre apartments, bush blocks and new urban areas.

We are rapidly growing. Over the next 15 years, our population is expected to increase by an additional 20,000 people, which means we will need up to 9,000 new homes. Frankston City Council is preparing its draft Frankston City Housing Strategy which will ensure adequate land supply that is needed to facilitate the development of a range of housing types, identify key housing growth / change locations, rezone land and enhance the integrity of our neighbourhood characteristics.

Frankston City Council’s Frankston Metropolitan Activity Centre Structure Plan is a framework for land uses, building heights, building setbacks and a number of design requirements - providing certainty for developers looking to invest in Frankston’s city centre. Demand for city centre living is expected to be significant, creating a positive domino effect for local businesses and the local economy.

In Frankston City, the horizon gleams with endless possibilities, waiting to be harnessed by those bold enough to envision a brighter future. Embrace the momentum, embrace the vision – and imagine your next venture flourishing in the heart of Frankston City.