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Frankston Paints an Unexpected PictureJulian Cla1


Frankston is a city with a heart of diversity. All walks of life flow through the streets adding to its eclectic,creative vibrancy. It’s an evolving city with a new energy, and tease of discovery to what is new.


Located less than an hour from Melbourne, the tide is turning on this urban coastal destination. Frankston is brimming with new energy, you can feel it in the businesses popping up in the city’s streets, the renowned artists etching out stories on the walls and the families that are calling Frankston home.

It’s a place for authentic creativity, vibrancy, and nature that allows you to pick your pace, smile and exhale all at once. Here’s a little insight into why…

Street art ─ a master strokethumb 720 600 Jason Parker1

For the past four years, Frankston has been a canvas for some of the world’s best street artists, during the annual Big Picture Fest.The city is now home to almost 30 amazing artworks, each an epic display of colour, creativity and movement.

A permanent part of the Frankston landscape, these murals are the centrepiece of the guided Street Art Walking Tours, revealing the city’s evolving arts and cultural edge. Locals guide you on a 90 minute journey through the streets and laneways of Frankston, sharing artists’ reflections on moments in history, childhood characters and messages for future generations.

The city is growing into an outdoor street art gallery, and transforming Frankston into an iconic street art destination.

Creators and crafters are brewing their ownResize Dainton Brewery Paoli

When a town starts to stir, like attracts like, so it’s no wonder the creators and crafters are coming to Frankston.

A trail of beer, cider and spirits is emerging. Inspired local brewers are keen to push the boundaries and you will find tap houses with home grown favourites and crazy experimental brews too. Think fruit, spices and unexpected blends.

If gin is more your tipple, take a tour with the local family distillery. The inspirations behind their flavours will take you on journeys around South East Asia and the world.

Nature surrounds this colourful city

Frankston is one of those enviable places that’s a beautiful blend of city, bush and bay.

With 10 kilometres of pristine coastline, a dip in Port Phillip Bay is a decision no one will regret. If you don’t want to get your feet wet, immerse yourself into the pockets of bush,natural wetlands and native forests.

Love a hidden secret? Locked away for 95 years, the Frankston Nature Conservation Reserve is now open for all to enjoy. Wander under Eucalyptus canopies, among Wattles and wildflowers. At the centre of this secret place, you will find the deep blue waters of the reservoir, and the perfect spot for spectacular views of the Melbourne city skyline.

Come and see what’s behind the picture... Escape to Frankston and discover a City which will surprise and delight you.

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