Route 12 Cultural Drive Frankston

Currently signposted as Route 12, Frankston's Cultural Drive includes a tour of Frankston City's unique cultural and heritage attractions. Visit Frenchstyle homestead Ballam Park, and the historic 1920s American colonial mansion Mulberry Hill, Langwarrin Flora and Fauna Reserve, just to name a few.

Beginning at Frankston's Visitor Information Centre you will find the sculptural work Sight Line featuring nautical flags stretching from the shore to the end of the pier. Follow the flags to reveal the nautical message.

Jump in the car to see other points of interest, including the Frankston Arts Centre and the Old School House Museum before enjoying a picnic in the George Pentland Botanic Gardens. Your cultural tour of Frankston will not be complete until you enjoy the charming views and significant collection of Australian art at Mulberry Hill which was once home to Daryl and Joan Lindsay, author of "Picnic at Hanging Rock".