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The People make the Place

Home to over 141,000 proud, passionate and community-minded residents, Frankston City has a unique cultural identity shaped by its diverse population and urban and natural landscapes. 

Coastal charm, semi-rural tranquillity and vibrant urban centres create a diverse lifestyle experience across the day and night. At the heart of the city lies a dynamic retail, hospitality, and commercial hub, while neighbouring leafy suburbs provide peaceful havens adorned with play spaces, parks, and local amenities, fostering a family-friendly environment.

With an annual population growth of one to two thousand people, Frankston City is on the brink of significant expansion, projected to reach 162,000 residents by 2041. As Melbourne's population surges, so does the city’s, making it an attractive destination for real estate investment and development. The housing landscape includes 58,888 dwellings, with a mix of household compositions, including couples with children and single occupants; reflecting the demand for diverse housing. 

A higher proportion of residents in both younger and older age groups compared to Greater Melbourne averages, offer unique opportunities for developers catering to various demographic segments. Additionally, strong employment and mixed income levels create a promising market for real estate ventures.

Whether you're a tourist, developer, business owners or prospective resident, Frankston City welcomes you to be a part of the city’s vibrancy, culture, landscapes, and endless opportunities for growth and prosperity.  We are a committed member of The Welcoming Cities Network which is aimed at advancing cultural diversity, inclusion and equal opportunity. 

Come experience our welcoming community and lifestyle firsthand.