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Imagine a place where colour and creativity adorn every corner. A place where events, sculpture, street art, music, dance and theatre are woven into the city’s fabric; its streets, buildings, gardens and play spaces.  

In Frankston City, art isn't just decoration—it's woven into every aspect of life, reflecting the city's vibrant identity, people and lifestyle.  It sparks conversation, adds meaning to experiences, and brings the city to life in unique and unforgettable ways.

The Frankston Arts Centre, a hub for creativity and fun, hosts international performances and showcases Australian arts. Venture outdoors to explore over 70 murals created by local and international artists which decorate the city's streets and laneways, or discover sculptures along the coastline, each telling a story of Frankston's history, people and places. 

If you prefer structure around your art, visit the McClelland Sculpture Park and Gallery or Dame Elisabeth Murdoch’s Cruden Farm, where sculptures blend seamlessly with lush greenery; or immerse yourself in history and creativity at National Trust’s Mulberry Hill, home to Sir Daryl and Lady Joan Lindsay. 

In Frankston City, art is not just observed—it's experienced, creating a rich tapestry of culture waiting to be explored.