Book your Frankston experience with us...

Only have a few hours to spare? Why not capture the best of Frankston City’s arts and culture via one of the suggested walking, cycling and driving trails. 
City Walkabout - 2+ hour walk
Walk the city centre to see some of the largest walls transformed into art. Take a wander through galleries to see local exhibitions and soak up rich history from historic landmarks and museums. 

Coastal Arts Discovery -
45min cycle
Soak up the mesmerising views of Port Phillip Bay, Melbourne, Frankston City and Olivers Hill before joining friends to cycle or stroll along beaches, boardwalks and paths through the Coastal Arts Discovery Trail to discover a range of sculptures, landmarks and captivating views from the pier.

Cultural Drive -
3 + hours’ drive
Take a cultural drive around the town centre and surrounds to see a myriad of statues, cultivated gardens, parks, reserves and historic landmarks.

Select one of the below to see the trails starting location, distance, difficulty rating, path surface and facilities. 
Iphone users; please download Google Maps via your app store before using the Enjoy Arts and Culture online initiative maps.